Sunday, March 4, 2012

Atomic Access

This season I've been using the Atomic Access. Overall, I love these skis. They're durable, responsive, and lively. The bases are really strong and take a beating. I've been using these mostly at Arapahoe Basin and they rip up the terrain there. These skis are great for powder days with up to 12" of new snow but not much more snow than that. Otherwise you might as well buy the Bent-chetler if those are the conditions you ride everyday (lucky!). I was really surprised by the Access's performance on hardpack. This thing loves to carve. However, they're not to great for moguls but what do you expect from a powder ski. I gave it 4 stars because its not exactly a big mountain charging ski. You might want to go with something a little stiffer instead (Moment Bibby Pro, ON3P Caylor, 4FRNT Renegade). Bottom line, if you want a light, rockered, one ski quiver, this is it.

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Lap Down Pali

This is my first video with my GoPro. The quality of the video isn't that great because Vimeo won't let me post a video larger than 500000MB. Oh well, hope you like it!

Untitled from Tai Koester on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ski Trip to Taos, NM

After weeks of very little snowfall here in Colorado, we decided to head down south where powerful storms rolling in from the South Pacific were pounding the mountains by Taos. Taos Ski Valley, locally known as TSV, boasted a 50 inch base and more than of 150 inches of snowfall that had fallen so far  this season. We made the 6 hour trip down and enjoyed delicious New Mexican cuisine at Orlando's, one of our favorite eateries in Taos. The next day I went skiing at TSV. The skiing at TSV was great with good coverage and some soft snow to be found up along the ridges that border the resort,  Highline Ridge and West Basin Ridge. These ridges, along with the crown jewel of TSV, Kachina Peak, host the annual Taos Extremes, a qualifier event for the Freeride World Tour. After only the first day, I already had decided that TSV was one of my favorite ski areas. The second day I met up with Brett, an Albuquerque local who often comes up to TSV. He showed me around his home mountain and we did some filming with our GoPros (I'm saving the footage for later!). After skiing, we stopped by Taos Mountain Outfitters and the Good Sole, 2 stores owned by my second cousin Sean and his business partner Kara. The showed us their stores and took us to a ceremony put on by the Taos Pueblo for Christmas (sorry no photos were allowed). The Pueblo had constructed massive piles of logs that were burnt in the largest bonfires I have ever seen. The experience was pretty awesome. Unfortunately we eventually had to go back to Boulder but I hope we can make this Taos trip a tradition every winter.

Wheeler Peak (the highest point in New Mexico) and lift 7A

Comforting sign at the TSV base

Lift 1 and Al's Run from the parking lot

Highline Ridge

A Ford Fairlane and the Taos downtown

The drive down to Taos with Blanca Peak along NM Highway 552 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

First Day of Skiing for the 2011-2012 Season!

I went up to Eldora Mountain Resort near Nederland, CO for my first turns of the season yesterday. It was snowing pretty hard all day and we had a bit of fresh pow. I got to hang out up there with my boys Satchel, Jackson, and Eric so it was a pretty relaxed day. Eldora didn't have to much open and didn't have any advanced/expert runs or terrain parks open. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures or videos from yesterday. It has been snowing a lot lately in Colorado especially in the San Juans in southern Colorado. It would suck to live in Tahoe right now. Just check out the Heavenly webcam. ( It looks anything but heavenly.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

San Francisco

We visited the city of San Francisco for the the first time in about 11 years. The weather in SF can be quite nasty but it was quite beautiful for our whole trip and the temperature hovered around 60 degrees. We visited my uncle Thomas who has lived in SF for as long as I can remember. I was amazed with how steep the hills actually were in SF. The rattle of cables pulling the cable cars up the street echoes throughout the city and the spirit of the city seems to come from them. The food in San Francisco was delicious, from fresh seafood at the Tadich Grill to spicy Thai dishes cooked up by chefs in the Tenderloin District. The city doesn't sleep at night with wonderful performances such as the Broadway Musical "Fela!"This was my first Broadway Musical and I was blown away with the passion that these actors have for their roles. I am not surprised that this musical won the Tony Award for its singing and dancing. I also got to see the famous Haight Ashbury District which was the epicenter for the 60's counterculture movement. We also took side trips to Santa Cruz and Berkeley. Santa Cruz has a small town feel and the University of Santa Cruz has one of the most beautiful college campuses I have ever seen. The campus is in a redwood forest divided by steep ravines which make the university feel as if it is perched 100 feet off the ground. Berkeley and Stanford's campuses were not too shabby either. I love the city and it was great to see my uncle who looks great and is wonderful person to talk to. I enjoyed having great conversations with him in the California Academy of Science and him giving us a tour of his city. I hope it doesn't take another 11 years to get back.

Some of the interesting murals found in the city. 

Fisherman's Wharf

The McHenry Library hidden by the redwoods at UC Santa Cruz.

Stanford's beautiful chapel.

Yeah thats right. Follow the law. 

Occupy Berkeleys signs.

 Occupy San Francisco

My dad Steve, myself, and my uncle Thomas. 

My mom Yoshie, myself, and my uncle. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Break and PNW Goods

I just came back from a wonderful break in San Francisco visiting my uncle. I have yet to import my photos from the trip so stay tuned. The weather in California was awesome. About 60 degrees every day with a light drizzle on Thanksgiving Day in the morning. I got to stop by Santa Cruz and Palo Alto (Stanford) as well. I have yet to ski this year but I plan to do so next weekend. The forecast for snow is rather sparse for Colorado, however our friends in the Pacific Northwest have received quite a bit. This teaser by Dubsatch Collective at Mt. Baker, WA should give you an idea how great it is up there.

Baker Tease from Dubsatch Collective on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stept Productions and Powder TV Episode 1

Powder TV's first episode for 2011 is right here at home in Boulder, CO. We got some heavy snowfall in late October and these guys capitalized on it. A lot of this episode is filmed on the University of Colorado campus.